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say goodbye to manual inventory counts


Increase revenues by automating inventory management

Shelfietech is an advanced and fully automated stock manager that utilizes AI and robotics to enhance store management and streamline workflows.

Simply efficient

Experience a whole new level of efficiency with automated inventory management.

Integrates easily

Plug-and-play to get started

Smart remote management

A system tailored for easy management - from anywhere you choose.

Challenges in retail

  • 0%
    Average accuracy when retail inventory is performed by humans
  • 0%
    Of inventory errors are made by humans
  • 0%
    Of consumers react negatively when items are out-of-stock

Optimize capacity planning

Enhance product placement on shelves and in-store.


Automatically or manually

Scan periodically or on demand. Flexible configuration for maximum convenience.


Simplified product identification

Simplify and enhance product management by using AI and computer vision for identification and classification. Streamline resource allocation and empower retail management.

Seamlessly Integrated

Elevating the retail experience by bridging technology and hardware.

AI Inventory scanner

Dynamic advertising screens

Dedicated mobile app for employees

Inventory orders management

Easy setup and deployment

Scheduled or on-demand scanning

Facing fix

Aisle 12

Albert K is now on shift

New usher joined


Product missing

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Dedicated mobile app for employees

Empower manager and staff with our convenient and tailored mobile app. Always up to date for full flexibility. LEARN MORE