Step into the future of retail


An adaptable identification system

Tailor the system to your needs. Our market-leading combination of AI and computer vision provides accurate, real-time data on the status of each product. Allowing managers to make informed decisions about stock and placement.

Counting and identification

Monitor on-shelf unit quantity with perfect accuracy.

Accurate digital imaging

Monitor on-shelf unit quantity with perfect accuracy.

Organizing with an overview

Monitor on-shelf unit quantity with perfect accuracy.

Hassle-free inventory management

Configure for convenience

Set up the system to scan periodically or on-demand for enhanced convenience.

Optimize for capacity and sales

Improve the retail experience with the positioning of products both within the store and on the shelf.

Flexibility through accuracy

Precise scanning and identification of stock on shelf, the foundation for flexible management.

Smart task organiser

Dedicated mobile app for employees

Organize smarter with our mobile app. Give employees and managers the flexibility to plan, manage, and optimise their daily tasks. With the mobile app, they’re always a step ahead.

Real time overview

Unique management dashboard

Our management dashboard provides the data and insights needed to always take fully informed decisions. Optimal efficiency combined with remote availability.

Streamline your stock

A user-friendly and safe experience

Our scanners use motion sensors to detect when customers are nearby. Pausing for a seamless and safe customer experience.

Advertising opportunities

The promotional screens on the scanner can be used as advertising for partner brands or for in-store information.

Increase sales, reduce drop-offs

Never disappoint customers by ensuring that brands are always “in stock”.

Build brand loyalty

Develop long-lasting relationships by being the retailer that customers can always trust to find and have what they need.